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In a study of children aged 2-5, parents interrupted their daughters more than their sons, and fathers were more likely to talk simultaneously with their children than mothers were. Jennifer Coates says: “It seems that fathers try to control conversation more than mothers… and both parents try to control conversation more with daughters than with sons. The implicit message to girls is that they are more interruptible and that their right to speak is less than that of boys.”

Girls and boys’ differing understanding of when to talk, when to be quiet, what is polite and so on, has a visible impact on the dynamics of the classroom. Just as men dominate the floor in business meetings, academic conferences and so on, so little boys dominate in the classroom - and little girls let them.


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Working with children for over a decade, this is something I’ve noticed, actually. And for the majority, the little girls in my class and my co-worker’s classes all sit quietly and listen MUCH better than the boys do. Most boys don’t care to be quiet and sit still. And I don’t think this is an attribute of boys being “rowdier” or more “hyper” - believe me, the girls are JUST as off the wall as the boys if you aren’t telling them not to. It must be a learned behavior, and it must be enforced more with the girls so they know they can’t get away with it. You have no idea how many times in my career I’ve heard “boys will be boys,” and smiling parents as they tell me with a laugh, sorry, their son is “wild” and a “handful” as they introduce him to the class.

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And that’s how you do sexism.  That’s how it’s so effectively trained into every single citizen and indoctrinated as normal and right.

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A lifetime of being talked over and not listened to=My default as an adult is to be quiet or I feel the need to repeat myself cause I assume no one actually listens.

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Eating is addictive


People can become addicted to eating for its own sake but not to consuming specific foods such as those high in sugar or fat, research suggests.

An international team of scientists has found no strong evidence for people being addicted to the chemical substances in certain foods.

The brain does…

Thank you science.



the thing is though everytime a girl compliments me on a dress/skirt with pockets and I declare THANKS IT HAS POCKETS her response completely changes from “oh that’s nice” to “FUCK ME BACKWARDS ARE YOU FOR REAL SHOW ME SHOW ME THE POCKETS”

We need more pockets!!!

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A friend of mine just appeared as online on Facebook for probably the first time ever and I just coached him thru turning off Facebook chat.  Now he’s all excited about his “invisibility cloak.”

Someone who can read this post married a giant dork.  You know who you are.

I love my giant dork SO much.



appropriate white culture. dance offbeat at the club. scream at your barista when she doesn’t put enough splenda in your latte. clap at the movie theater when the credits roll. put your child on a leash.

prefer to be called caucasian even if you’re not from the caucus region. only empathize with animals and yourself. write prolific dissertations on hunger games characters being oppressed then ignore oppression in real life.

There are white people out there that prefer to be called Caucasian? Huh.

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If you are ok with declawing cats, I don’t want to be your friend. Especially if you are ok with it after knowing how harmful and painful it is.

It makes me so sad that my kitty was declawed by her previous guardians.

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Okay, I’ll rephrase, that SHOULD have happened in a mirror!verse episode. ;-) I don’t really like the ds9 mirrorverse episodes that much because they buy…

The only thing I can add here is that when you talk about the character Ezri, I can only think of my cat named Ezri.

Ezri patiently waiting for me to feed her.

why feminism should include trans women


• they’re fucking women


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My activity looks like a kitty!

My activity looks like a kitty!